It's always getting harder to leave the house


Our desire to leave the house took a big hit with the arrival of Deliveroo and, soon after, GrabFood, each outdoing the other with cooler and cooler restaurants and reliable service. Incumbents such as Foodpanda upped their game in response, and local startups like Honestbee expanded their services. Booze and coffee deliveries soon followed, and the result is a delivery landscape that ensures you can throw a party any night of the week with zero prep—just splash lots of cash.


What could be better than ordering some affordable wines (and some beers) on an app and having them delivered chilled in less than 60 minutes? You can even track your delivery in real time on the app. 


This service has revolutionized our lives with its list of excellent restaurants and delivery within 40 minutes on most days. We appreciate the real-time updates too, plus the ability to order from multiple eateries in the same transaction. 


With the arrival of big-name competitors, Foodpanda also stepped up its game, expanding its fleet, promising to deliver in 30 minutes and creating new partnerships with restaurants such as Nando’s and The Soup Spoon. They even have a small selection of places open 24 hours a day.


GrabFood is linked to your existing Grab account so you can easily order from places like Crave, Shihlin, Selegie Soya Bean, and even McDonald's, and then use GrabPay to foot the bill. Easy.


They started out by doing your grocery shopping, but now drop off your laundry, shop for hardware supplies and pick up beer and wine—working with partners from NTUC Fairprice to Thirsty. There’s a nice personal element, where your shopper calls if one of your items is out of stock. Delivery is within a couple hours.


Perk sources ethical beans from Africa, South America and Asia and hand roasts them in small batches here. Orders come by mail within two or three days of roasting, ground to your preference.

The Proof Flat

This gorgeous retail shop stocks everything you need to have a world-class bar at home—with an e-commerce option that delivers top-shelf mezcals, tequilas, absinthes, gins, vermouths and more. 

Red Mart

With their own storehouse, this online hypermart offers not just fresh fruit, veggies, meats and breads, but also beauty products, booze and even home appliances. The site delivers daily from 10am-10pm (usually next-day).

Ryan's Grocery

Specializing in organic and free-range meat cuts, this online butcher also carries marinated meats like organic beef roast with herbs, chili and garlic, for those who are pulling together a last-minute dinner party. It’s free for orders above $100.