Where to treat yourself to the company of cute fluffy creatures

As stressful as life can get, it seems that all it takes to leave those banal pressures behind is snuggling up with a fluffy friend. Whether or not you're a pet owner yourself, our island's few animal cafes welcome you with their family of friendly furries, decent desserts, and the promise of a relaxing afternoon getaway. We rounded them up to unleash your inner animal lover.

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa 

Photo credit: Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa Facebook

This very first cat cafe in Singapore was opened by two cat lovers who believe in “cat therapy”. All cats there were adopted with great love and care, and have since become mild and approachable creatures who don't mind an intimate snuggle. The cafe is large enough to accommodate up to 25 people at once. Drop by if you ever need a listening ear from these therapeutic cat friends; the cafe charges $12 per person for the first hour and $5 per subsequent half hour (includes one complimentary drink). 54A Boat Quay 

The Cat Cafe

Photo credit: The Cat Cafe Facebook

Its name may go straight to the point, but The Cat Cafe isn't only known for its coo-worthy cats. The freshly prepared desserts like pastries and some other light bites served are also worth trying out. And if you were hoping to rub shoulders with kitties on a budget, look no further. It’s the only cat cafe in Singapore that has no time limit; for $15, you can spend as much time as you like with the lovely kittens, and the one-time entry fee comes with a complimentary drink. 241B Victoria Street 

Meomi Cat Cafe

Photo credit: Meomi Cat Cafe Facebook

Just walking distance away from The Cat Cafe, Meomi Cat Cafe houses seven adorable felines of less commonly seen breeds here in Singapore. Don't look down on the fact that it's the smallest in size; the cozy space lets you get up close and personal with every single cat in the room. Just as friendly are the staff who're always on standby. Entry is $13 (with a complimentary juice or tea) and $5 per subsequent half hour. 668 North Bridge Road

We are the Furballs (WTF)

Photo credit: We are the Furballs (WTF) Facebook

Not a cat person? No problem. After the closure of Ofur Paw Cafe, We are the Furballs is now the only dog-petting cafe left in Singapore. At the premiere dog cafe, the pups are of small breeds like poodles and Pomeranians. The best time to visit is during lunch hour where you can buy doggie treats; before you hand them over, feel free to tease with simple tasks like “sit” or “paw.” Inclusive of one drink, the cost here is $10.90 per entry on weekdays and $12.50 for the first two hours on weekends, with an extra charge of $2.50 per subsequent hour. 201 Victoria St

BONUS: Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe

Photo credit: Ulu Ulu Pet Cafe Facebook

Not so much an animal cafe as it is an animal-friendly cafe, Ulu Ulu allows you to bring your pups with you while hanging with your friends. Tucked away in Kranji (hence its name), it boasts a spacious setting, chill vibes, and lots of free dog toys like frisbees for your pets to play with. Above all, Ulu Ulu wins our vote for its dogs-only pool facilities—super shiok for hot days. Unlike some animal-friendly cafes, there’s also an impressive selection of food and beverage offerings to choose from—such as  British breakfast plates, beef steak sandwiches and Yuzu Spritz.10 Neo Tiew Lane 2