Wake up and smell the cold coffee

You gotta admit, Singaporeans love their coffee. Be it a classic latte or kopi-siew dai, we probably wouldn't be able to get through the day without our dose of caffeine. It's no wonder cold brews are such a hit in Singapore, producing coffees with not only a richer and more intense flavor, but with lesser accidity (and often more potency). Here we list some of the best places to try out these next-generation coffees. 

Boyle’s Coffee

Photo credit: Boyle's Coffee's Facebook page

Tucked away in a cozy shop outside Bukit Timah Plaza, Boyle’s Coffee claims to be the world’s first cold brew coffee bar. Sounds legit? Come by yourself to give it a whirl. Boyle’s Coffee does it the Dutch way—which may commonly be confused with the normal method of making cold brew coffee. Dutch coffee uses the drip method only, simply dropping cold water over ground coffee. They serve a wide array of iced and hot coffees such as Dutch Vanilla Latte ($6), Nitro Caramel Latte ($7), and the Dutch Americano ($4). The actual Dutch coffee concentrate is also sold here, so if you have a coffee maker at home, bring some home to explore this cold brew wonderland. The coffee is sweet and bright when served chilled, but has a deep aroma and a smooth texture when served hot. #1-CS1 Bukit Timah Plaza, 1 Jalan Anak Bukit

Chye Seng Huat Hardware 

Photo credit: Chye Seng Huat Hardware's Facebook page

This chic industrial-looking cafe in a former hardware store needs no introduction; they sell gourmet coffee, as well as other gadgets and gifts. Their classic black cold brew ($7) is made from Ethiopian beans from the Suke Quto farm, which gives off citrus and floral notes. The white version ($7.50)  is creamier, and has a rich hazelnut and dark chocolate taste. Also give their nitro cold brew ($7) a try—it's creamy and has a malty flavour. A cool place to hang out with your friends if you’re tired of the buzzing city or typical cafes. 150 Tyrwhitt Rd

Common Man Coffee Roasters 

Photo credit: Common Man Coffee Roasters' Facebook page

No stranger to the Singapore coffee scene, Common Man Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster, wholesaler, cafe and academy all wrapped into one. Their cold brews are roasted in-house, but do note that they only serve the black version ($8). Their nitro cold brew ($8) is freshly brewed at least twice a week with their favourite single-origin coffees, which gives it a silky smooth coffee texture. #01-00, 22 Martin Rd

Dapper Coffee

Photo credit: Dapper Coffee's Facebook page

Hidden on the second floor of a shophouse along Amoy street, Dapper Coffee not only sells cold brew coffee, but also plenty of tantalizing baked goods. Truth be told, they've caught our eye with their signature sparkling drinks. Yes, it’s as gimmicky as it sounds—shimmering gold dust infused into their usual cold brew to make Gold Brew, priced at a whopping $10 per bottle. But we guess it does make for a good party drink; you can order them by the pack online here, too. The coffee, made from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans, is still strong yet light with the right amount of acidity. And if you prefer it the classic way, fret not because you can also get Dapper Coffee’s Cold Fashioned (an apt name) at a more reasonable price of $6. 2F, 73A Amoy St

Old Hen Coffee

Photo credit: Old Hen Coffee's Facebook page

This classic coffee bar is most famous for its creamy white cold brew coffee ($6.50) which strikes a delicious balance between bitter and sweet. Besides their black cold brew ($6), they also have other interesting flavors such as Mocha ($7.50), Dark Cocoa ($6.5) and Matcha ($7), so try this if you’re looking to expand your cold brew coffee horizons. Oh, their cold brews are uniquely packaged in a beer bottle too, which should put you in a fun mood. #01-03, 88 Rangoon Rd

Oriole Coffee + Bar

Photo credit: Oriole Coffee + Bar's Facebook page

Finally, a place in town where you can easily get your cold brew coffee fix. Just located outside Somerset 313, this popular brunch cafe serves in-house cold brewed coffee in Taisho black ($6) and white ($7), named after the era in which coffee was most popular in Japan. If you’re sensitive to dairy, you’re warmly welcomed at Oriole with a version of their cold brew coffee made with Taisho M.A.D milk ($8), a cold-pressed nut milk made fresh daily using macadamia, almonds and dates. Also check out their nitro cold brew and the Death Cream, which you’ll find is a delicious concoction of vanilla beans, espresso and cream. #01-01 Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Orchard, 96 Somerset Rd

Park Bench Deli 

Photo credit: Park Bench Deli's Facebook page

A fantastic place for some hearty grub (think cheesesteak sandwiches, fried chicken and French toast), Park Bench Deli also stocks decent cold brew. Their very own coffee label Working Class Coffee is an independent, locally owned coffee roastery, creating its very own blends so you’ll be able to choose the one that best suits your craving. It's also at a really convenient location for the office folk, so get your shot of caffeine with the their black ($7.50) or white ($8) cold brews. And given PBD's track record, we're keeping our eye out for future pop-ups that might happen around the island, too. 179 Telok Ayer St